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GENESIS Induction

GENESIS: The Start of the Corporate Journey

The importance of a good start has been stressed for ages by the wise : "Well begun is half done" said Aristotle - and yet, come the time for new employee induction and most organizations get caught in the rigmarole of running the same routine new employee induction programs, with endless power point presentations from multiple business units.

How then does one sustain participation and enthusiasm amongst new recruits during their orientation program?

We invite you to take a look at the customized Induction Programs that we at FOCUS can put together for your team - the GENESIS workshops. Using a powerful methodology of experiential learning mixed with elements of FUN and PLAY, our experienced team will work closely with your organization to develop a customized induction program for new employees in an unconventional, but truly memorable way.


What makes the GENESIS programs unique are:

A participative format that ensures high energy levels and enthusiasm through-out the program. We completely agree with the wise man Plato who remarked, "You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation". Let the conversations flow!

Core values of the organization often remain as "just words" when introduced to new joinees in conventional Power point formats. During program design, our team works closely with the client to design activities customized to instill these values in the most effective manner.

"What you hear - you forget, what you see - you remember, what you do - you understand" said Confucius. We do agree! The programs engage participants through challenges based on the Experiential learning theory, to deliver the same message, but in more engaging and interesting ways.

How do we make 1+1 = 3? To make the whole, greater than the sum of its parts the secret sauce always is "synergy". For it is when there is synergy between the new members in a team, that far more is accomplished than the individuals or groups could ever have achieved independently. The activities in GENESIS are specifically crafted with this objective in mind - to develop team skills and quickly breaking down barriers between the new members of the team.

Our promise is to deliver a fun and enriching experience for the participants, while addressing the organizational objectives for the new employee orientation.

Call us today - we will add the spark to your induction programs!

  • "On behalf of GET Team PepsiCo, I would like to thank and congratulate the FOCUS Adventure team, for organizing a perfect outbound for us at Jim Corbett. To put it in a few words, ‘saying we had a blast’ would be an understatement. The team exercises were a beautiful combination of fun and learning. Probably the best way for colleagues to know each other in a short span of time. Innovative games and energizers which never got dull and kept everyone interested and energized at all times. The time flew away too fast , look forward to more trips with the FOCUS Team. Cheers."

    Himanshu Batra,

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