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Stepping into Coaching

There is no such thing as failure,
There are only results

- Anthony Robbins

For long, Coaching had been thought to be the preserve of a specialized breed of people called “Coaches”. Fortunately though, the tide is turning. Coaching is now viewed as a foundational skill for Leaders. And yet, despite all the good intentions – a new Leader stepping into this realm, often gets muddled between Coaching versus Mentoring versus Counselling. If not introduced in the right manner, participants often start out on Coaching viewing it as just another quick-fix tool.

Stepping into Coaching though is stepping into a new mindset. And contrary to what anyone may claim, there are no quick fixes in business, and becoming a good Coach is a skill, an art perhaps, that requires a depth of understanding and plenty of practice to deliver its astonishing potential.

Based on the work by Harvard educationalist and tennis expert Timothy Gallwey, who introduced a whole new paradigm with his book entitled The Inner Game of Tennis, true coaching is based on the belief that, “the opponent within one’s head is more formidable than the one the other side of the net”. Gallwey went onto claim that if a coach can help a player to remove or reduce the internal obstacles to his performance, an unexpected natural ability to learn and to perform will occur without the need for much technical input from the coach.

How does a coach go about doing this? How does he or she create an environment of trust that allows such conversations to happen? How does she ensure that the coachee takes the responsibility for the outcome? And how does she ensure that the coachee succeeds? (Afterall, the coaching is considered successful only if a coachee succeeds). And what are the internal and external barriers to coaching?

Through an immersive workshop experience that involves a mixture of introspection, discussion, debate, sharing of experiences, stories from around the world, experiential activities, role plays and Coaching circles, FOCUS Adventure brings to life this powerful paradigm - to make a difference to all participants who embark on mastering this important aspect of Leadership.

The key take-aways that the workshop targets to achieve with participants are that:
1) Coaching is less of a skill – and more of a mindset
2) How does one structure a coaching conversation?
3) Learning questioning techniques that can be easily practiced and mastered.
4) How does one set the stage for coaching, through building an environment of trust
5) Mastering coaching is a life long endeavor
6) Overcoming resistance to coaching
7) For Leaders – coaching is not a choice, it is a life skill

If you are looking at arming your teams with this important life skill - FOCUS Adventure invites you to explore The Stepping Into Coaching workshop!

Contact Us today - we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

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